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Use git fetch to pull changes into local repo without merging

git fetch only downloads latest changes into the local repository and does not merge into the current branch. It downloads latest changes that other developers have pushed to the remote repo since the last fetch and allows you to review and merge manually at a later time using git merge.

$ git checkout develop
$ git fetch

This is in contrast with git pull that downloads and then merges changes into the current branch. Source)

3 months ago

MacOs Dev Commands Awesome Collection

This is my collection of dev commands I'm using:

To get the API execution time:

curl -s "<api_endpoint_url>" -o /dev/null -w "\n%{time_total}\n"

4 months ago

FireO - Google cloud Firestore ORM package in python

A modern and simplest convenient ORM package in Python. FireO is specifically designed for the Google's Firestore, it's more than just ORM. It implements validation, type checking, relational model logic and much more facilities.

Usage Example

class User(Model):
    name = TextField()

u = User() = "Azeem Haider"

# Get user
user = User.collection.get(u.key)

Read More about FireO

Give and some good feedback and appreciate our work by giving stars on our project FireO

4 months ago

stargazed | CLI that fetches and sorts GitHub stars

It is difficult to go through the GitHub starred projects as you star over a 100 or more projects.

This CLI automatically fetches and sorts the GitHub starred projects to a markdown file by the Language used.

The CLI has also the ability to create a repository for it and also auto update it daily.

5 months ago

UTC to Local time converter for AWS OpsWorks

Problem: Difficult to keep track of deployments in AWS OpsWorks as the deployment times are in UTC.

Solution: Google Chrome Extension to convert all times displayed to local time.

Screenshot 2019-08-25 at 2 26 27 PM


6 months ago

Turn any website into a macOS app

Flotato lets you turn any web page into a Mac app just by changing the name.


7 months ago

Docker Basic Commands

These docker commands are that I use every single day

# show containers
docker ps

# Logging to container
docker logs -f <container_id>

# ssh to container
docker exec -it <container_id> /bin/bash

# build container
docker-compose build [container_name_on_yml]

# run container
docker-compose up [container_name_on_yml]

# run rails console on container
docker-compose run <container_name_on_yml> rails c

# remove all images
docker rmi -f $(docker images -a -q)

Please let me know your other docker's daily hacks! 🥇

7 months ago

Make Dynamic Email Template with JSON data or APIs

Dynamic Email Template

This tool will Generate Email Template Code with Dynamic Data as JSON object or API. Get the generated email template and add into Mailchimp, Sendgrid or whatever service you are using to send newsletters.

Tool Website:

How to use

Step 1 : Add your template code into "Code" with Handlebars syntax to iterate and bind dynamic data with Email Template code. Ex:

            <h2>Public APIs Weekly</h2></td>
    {{#each items}}
            <h3 style="margin: 0; padding:0">{{title}}</h3>
            <p style="margin: 0; padding:0">{{description}}</p>

Here you can get to know about Handlebars syntax

Step 2 : Add the JSON data into "Test Data" to bind with the Email Template. If you have API endpoint for the data then you can alse get data through your REST API. Just add your API and click "Get Data". Ex:

  "name": "Danish",
  "email": "",
  "items": [
      "title": "GitHub API",
      "description": "Information for a user's Github profile"
      "title": "Open Collective",
      "description": "Platform where communities can collect and disburse money transparently to sustain themselves and develop their activities"
      "title": "Fortnite",
      "description": "Fortnite Stats & Cosmetics"

That's all.

Get your generated Email Template from "Template".

Tool Website:

8 months ago

Reset local repository branch to be just like remote repository HEAD

Setting your branch to exactly match the remote branch can be done in two steps:

git fetch origin
git reset --hard origin/<branch>
8 months ago

CSS hack for quickly resizing images for mobile devices

Use object-fit cover on your images for a quick way to resize images without ruining proportions... @media (max-width: 540px) { img{ max-height:200px; max-width:100%; object-fit:cover; } }

Here's a demo: