5 months ago

How do display errors in PHP

Paste these 3 lines of PHP code at the beginning of your PHP-file: (right after <?php) ini_set('display_errors', 1); ini_set('display_startup_errors', 1); error_reporting(E_ALL);

This is just one of many ways to do this but I think it's the easiest solution if you need a quick way to display errors. Just don't forget to remove those lines before using your code in production! ;)

5 months ago

My quick hack to unsubscribe from Spam Email in 1-click

I found a tool LeaveMeAlone on ProductHunt and It's quite awesome that I can unsubscribe without any data leak in 1-click and listed on single page(As they promise).


Here you can clean your Spam Emails Today

5 months ago

A command to give your terminal windows a title

Put this in your bash profile: function title() { echo -e "\033]0;${1:?please specify a title}\007" ; }

Then just type title "myTitle" in the terminal.

5 months ago

Hide desktop items on Mac

This terminal command will hide everything on your desktop, so it doesn't give you anxiety 😅

It doesn't actually delete the stuff on your desktop, it just hides it. You can still access the items by going to your Desktop folder in Finder.

defaults write CreateDesktop -bool false;killall Finder

And to show them again, you can do this: defaults write CreateDesktop -bool true;killall Finder

5 months ago

Log multiple variables to the JS console with their names

var x = 2;
var y = 3;
var z = 'hello';
console.log({x, y, z});

This will print out the following: > {x: 2, y: 3, z: "hello"}

5 months ago

Git: push dev branch, merge into master, push master to origin, go back to dev

I use this command super often, basically whenever I want to push a new feature for KanbanMail to production. It pushes my dev branch, goes to master, merges my dev branch, pushes it, then goes back to my dev branch. Here my two main branches are called master and dev, but you could change it to whatever you want.

git checkout dev && git push && git checkout master && git merge dev && git push && git checkout dev
5 months ago

Screenshot Tool By Zeit Return Screenshoot by URL

Link Preview Tool: I found this tool in Zeit example repository and It's quite helpful and Nice if A Blog post or any page don't have any featured image then you can use this tool API.

I'm using this API into DailyHack Meta Tags to preview page screen in all social network link preview

How to use:

It's so simple just pass the URL as endpoint.<URL>

It will return you an image of that page. Good new it's Open Source Project. So, you can host this on your own server.

5 months ago

Validate your side project before beginning development

Validate your audience and drill down to exactly what are people searching using

A visual summary of what questions, prepositions and comparisons are people using while searching the keywords related to your project.

5 months ago

Quickly create images for social media and SEO

I use Pablo for quickly creating a properly sized image for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and search engines.

It's not as full featured as an image editor, but that is the point. You just search an image from Unsplash, add a heading and/or caption, and an optional watermark. Download the image and set it up in your meta for articles.

5 months ago

Use Netlify for a free and simple URL shortener

I use Kent C. Dodd's netlify-shortener tool to setup a free URL shortener on Netlify.

It works by updating a _redirects file in your repository with a CLI command, so I can type shorten my-short-name and it will deploy and copy to my clipboard.

It's also possible to create a web interface for this as well, but will take a bit more time to setup versus the few minutes with netlify-shortener.

Feel free to look at my URL shortener repo to see how few things are needed to get it working: