a year ago

[Compress Image] Compress your image for the web

Often frontend developers need to deal with lots of images. The image should have the best quality, appropriate dimensions & low file size. The tools that I often use to compress images are (get more details from here)

  1. jpegtran: for JPEG image optimization
  2. gifsicle: suitable for GIF images
  3. optipng: lossless PNG image optimization
  4. pngquant: lossy PNG image optimization
a year ago

Next.js Application Deploy on Zeit

I'm using Zeit service to host my Next.js Application because it's easy to maintain and deploy.

  1. First, just run this command(now-cli is required for this) now

  2. When now command done you will get the deployment URL. that URL changed every time when you make a new deploy. So, this way your production application will not affect. that mean alias is not assigned to the latest deployment URL. Cool!!!

  3. So, if you seem that latest deployment is good to go on production then you just have to assign the alias to this deployment URL. now alias <deployment URL> <domain> like this: now alias

that's all.

a year ago

Alfred app

Massive productivity boost with

Quick app switching, built in clipboard and snippet management plus it pulls in contacts and search. It's a beast for MacOS!

a year ago

Taskbook: track all my todos in terminal.

I found this tool on ProductHunt and it's quite interesting and hacky tool. So, I'm using this tool in my daily hack.


Install: npm i -g taskbook

To check the commands: taskbook --help

a year ago

live-server: use for small development to serve app in browser

I'm using live-server to serve my simple pages in the browser with the PORT and it supports live reload mean whenever you change in your file the server will refresh the page.


npm i -g live-server

a year ago

Screen Mailer: record, upload & share link

This is my best tool to share the screen of my machine(browser+system). So, It's just record and instant upload their server and then it will give you a link to share.

Screenshot Capture - 2019-03-27 - 00-36-42

a year ago

Create and share beautiful images of your source code

I use Carbon tool to add my code snippets into the Blog post or in tweets.


this tool is awesome.

a year ago

Delete Remote and Local branch in git

For locally:

git branch -d <branch_name>

For remotely

git push origin --delete <branch_name>