9 months ago

Get GitHub Profile Pic URL

I just leanred this hack that you can get your GitHub Profile Photo URL by adding .png in the last of your github profile URL. Like this.

GitHub Profile:

GitHub Profile Pic URL:


9 months ago

Design an input box with search emoji

Recently I add search input box into and without search icon the input doesn't feel good according to UX. So, to add a icon inside input box need more element and CSS. Nowadays I'm using lots of emoji and I think why not use a little hack to design this search input box without any extra element and CSS. Here is the hack.

<input type="text" placeholder="🔍 Let's find some tricks from past"/>


So, I'm adding a search emoji into placeholder of the input box.

What you think? is this cool hack?

9 months ago

View the password of input field

👀 What happens some that browser auto fill the password into password field and I don;t know which password is this.

So, I use a small hack. just change the input type from text to password

Right click on password input field and select inspect element

<input type="password" /> to <input type="text" />


9 months ago

Tired of getting your email spammed ?

Want to subscribe to something temporarily or want to download something by giving your email ?

Save your email id from getting spammed by using as a 'temporary' email.

9 months ago

Use The same Email to Make differnt acc`s On one Website!

I found out this trick by Sergio Mattei, The Creator of Makerlog :)

It`s very annyoing when I have to use a differnt email everytime I use a website!

Stop This with using +

Example (Before +)

But Using + (example)

Adding the + creates a alt Inbox in your email, Letting you use the same email for products/apps such as Makerlog, Product Hunt and Other Websites!

9 months ago

Eject water from your phone's speakers after getting it wet



🛠 How it works

It works just like the ⌚️ Apple watch's built-in water ejection feature. It plays a specific tone that generates sound waves which causes the water to be ejected.

9 months ago

Get day of week

Simply get day of week.

💻JavaScript Snippets

  var d = new Date("2012-09-10");
  var n = d.getDay();

It will show 1

💻PHP Snippet <?php $date = "2012-09-10"; $dayofweek = date('w', strtotime($date)); print_r($dayofweek); ?>

It will show 1

💻Python Snippet import datetime print(datetime.datetime.strptime('10 09 2012', '%m %d %Y').weekday())

It will show 1

9 months ago

Javascript calculate age from date small function

function calcAge(dateString) {
  var birthday = +new Date(dateString);
  return ~~(( - birthday) / (31557600000));
10 months ago

Check your battery status and date in your mac

While I create It happens a lot to travel and work from coffee shops. Two commands that I use as aliases are:

1) alias now='cal; date +"%T"; date +"%d-%m-%Y"' which prints the calendar, the date and the time

2) alias bat='pmset -g batt' which prints the battery status and the remaining time!


10 months ago

A command to give your terminal windows a title

Put this in your bash profile: function title() { echo -e "\033]0;${1:?please specify a title}\007" ; }

Then just type title "myTitle" in the terminal.

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