3 months ago

stargazed | CLI that fetches and sorts GitHub stars

It is difficult to go through the GitHub starred projects as you star over a 100 or more projects.

This CLI automatically fetches and sorts the GitHub starred projects to a markdown file by the Language used.

The CLI has also the ability to create a repository for it and also auto update it daily.

4 months ago

UTC to Local time converter for AWS OpsWorks

Problem: Difficult to keep track of deployments in AWS OpsWorks as the deployment times are in UTC.

Solution: Google Chrome Extension to convert all times displayed to local time.

Screenshot 2019-08-25 at 2 26 27 PM

Link: https://github.com/danedavid/AWS-time-converter

5 months ago

Turn any website into a macOS app

Flotato lets you turn any web page into a Mac app just by changing the name.

πŸ‘‰ https://flotato.com

6 months ago

Make Dynamic Email Template with JSON data or APIs

Dynamic Email Template

This tool will Generate Email Template Code with Dynamic Data as JSON object or API. Get the generated email template and add into Mailchimp, Sendgrid or whatever service you are using to send newsletters.

Tool Website: https://dynamic-template.xyz

How to use

Step 1 : Add your template code into "Code" with Handlebars syntax to iterate and bind dynamic data with Email Template code. Ex:

            <h2>Public APIs Weekly</h2></td>
    {{#each items}}
            <h3 style="margin: 0; padding:0">{{title}}</h3>
            <p style="margin: 0; padding:0">{{description}}</p>

Here you can get to know about Handlebars syntax https://handlebarsjs.com/

Step 2 : Add the JSON data into "Test Data" to bind with the Email Template. If you have API endpoint for the data then you can alse get data through your REST API. Just add your API and click "Get Data". Ex:

  "name": "Danish",
  "email": "mddanishyusuf@gmail.com",
  "items": [
      "title": "GitHub API",
      "description": "Information for a user's Github profile"
      "title": "Open Collective",
      "description": "Platform where communities can collect and disburse money transparently to sustain themselves and develop their activities"
      "title": "Fortnite",
      "description": "Fortnite Stats & Cosmetics"

That's all.

Get your generated Email Template from "Template".

Tool Website: https://dynamic-template.xyz

8 months ago

Use Emoji instead of font icon

Are you lazy to install font icons such as font awesome or feather icons to your web project? Use the power of emojis!!!

Use case of my current project: (gekri.com) image

MacOS Emoji keyboard: image

β†β†’β†‘β†“β†šβ†›β†Άβ†·β†Ίβ†»β€Ήβ€Ί ... ...


Related to #65

8 months ago

Snippets are awesome. Creating one is painful. This saves time.

We sometimes write the same code multiple times. For example Configs (related to webpack bable, prettier, eslint etc), frequently used react component code and other boiler plate code.

Some of us store them in GitHub's Gists, but have to copy paste it when required. Snippets are handy shortcuts to generate code for us. For example if you type imp in VS Code's JavaScript file, it automatically creates import <some space> from '<cursor shows here>'. You can type the package name and then press tab to automatically move cursor to another step. Just try it yourself.

We can create our own custom snippets for frequently written code to increase productivity. However writing it is painful. So here is a handy tool that creates snippet for you.

This tool works for sublime, atom and VS Code. However I like VS Code so this one is mostly about it.


Just copy paste your code on left side. Add $1 for first tab, $2 for second tab and so on. On the right side you will see snippets generated automatically for you.

After that Go to 'Preferences' > 'User snippets' and select the correct type, then paste in the copied code. Discover more from the VS Code snippets docs.

9 months ago

πŸ› οΈ Build Simple JSON API

Last week I build an tool to make quick JSON API for quick use and host them on GitHub Repository.

Here is the tool: https://apiwithgithub.com

Tool Demo

πŸ“’ Good New is it's open source project: https://github.com/mddanishyusuf/json-apis-with-github

9 months ago

Compile Sass files to CSS on the fly

If you use VSCode and prefer to use sass instead of plain old css. You can install the Live Sass Compiler from the extension marketplace. After you installed the extension all you need to do is press a button on the bottom of the window of vscode and watch your sass files.

The extension will automatically turn all your files into a single css file (this includes all the ones you import within your sass files).

The bar looks like this:

sass compiler

9 months ago

Tired of getting your email spammed ?

Want to subscribe to something temporarily or want to download something by giving your email ?

Save your email id from getting spammed by using https://getnada.com/ as a 'temporary' email.

9 months ago


Shows how much CPU your Mac OSx is using in the header bar!


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