11 days ago

🛠️ Build Simple JSON API

Last week I build an tool to make quick JSON API for quick use and host them on GitHub Repository.

Here is the tool:

Tool Demo

📢 Good New is it's open source project:

a month ago

Compile Sass files to CSS on the fly

If you use VSCode and prefer to use sass instead of plain old css. You can install the Live Sass Compiler from the extension marketplace. After you installed the extension all you need to do is press a button on the bottom of the window of vscode and watch your sass files.

The extension will automatically turn all your files into a single css file (this includes all the ones you import within your sass files).

The bar looks like this:

sass compiler

a month ago

Tired of getting your email spammed ?

Want to subscribe to something temporarily or want to download something by giving your email ?

Save your email id from getting spammed by using as a 'temporary' email.

a month ago


Shows how much CPU your Mac OSx is using in the header bar!

a month ago

Eject water from your phone's speakers after getting it wet



🛠 How it works

It works just like the ⌚️ Apple watch's built-in water ejection feature. It plays a specific tone that generates sound waves which causes the water to be ejected.

a month ago

Finding a previous IP address

When I change the DNS of a website, I'll often need the previous IP address to SSH back into the previous server.

I never write the previous IP down. Luckily, you can search the IP history of your domain by entering it here:

a month ago

Keyboard Events Live Reference

See the key and character codes vs. event types for your keyboard events live.

Here's the HTML file, you can upload it to your own Github and use Github Pages under settings to create a live preview from your own profile. (A hack within a hack)

I just started working with the DOM a lot more recently. For developers working with [Keyboard] DOM events regularly, what other columns would you add to this to improve your workflow?

a month ago

Easy to remember local static web server - httpster

I know there's tons of options out there, but this one is my go-to. Primarily because it's hard to forget, but also has just the right amount of features.



npm i -g httpster

Then from any folder you want served, simply:


Default port is 3333.

Advanced Usage:

With custom port: httpster -p 8080

Declare directory as root: httpster -d /dist

Even more advanced usage,

a month ago

Save snippets globally to access in any editor or any group

use snipper ( app to store global snippets and they are stored right on menubar . you might wonder what would be an alternate to store bash commands well its snip (

a month ago

DNS troubleshooting

You've setup your dns but it doesn't work. It typically means you've set it up wrong or the dns having propagated to all DNS servers yet.

I use to check the DNS propagation and keep track.

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